Inspo/Idea Dev.


My inspiration for this project was inspired by the Midsommer Summer Solstice traditions in Sweden, and the use of wearing flower crowns to celebrate tradition.


Finished Work


My idea for this project came about because when we received this project it was right around summer solstice. I know it is a tradition to wear flower crowns for summer solstice, and I wanted to explore the topic and history of this tradition. I also wanted to research the different ways of designing flower crowns to see if the way I do for my business is the best way possible. I did my research by talking to other florists on their technique as well as watching youtube videos. I ended up making a crown that I thought would have the best structural design. What I learned from my research about the history is that flower crowns have been worn in celebration throughout history. More specifically the tradition of midsummer solstice comes from Sweden. They would wear flower crowns and celebrate the longest day of the year. They would also do a ceremony to wish for a good agricultural crop yield. As an event florist, I make flower crowns for weddings regularly.  It was very interesting for me to study this particular floral piece more closely as I make it so often but I had no idea about the cultural significance. My plan for this piece was to create a happy colorful wearable object that would scream summer. I believe that I achieved this with the use of flowers I selected. The title for this piece is A Flower Crown for Summer.


For this crown I explored the different textures of the plants I had access to. I explored creating a unique shape by starting the crown with a more narrow, then making it larger toward the other side. My hope was that this design choice would result in an asymmetrical wave shape. I think that this shape style of design is more interesting, and that it would frame the face is a less traditional way. For flowers I used are roses, chrysanthemums, yarrows, dahlias, mint, eucalyptus, lavender and a few more that I don’t know the name of. I worked with 18-gauge wire for the base, bind wire to bind the flowers onto the wire and florist snips. I chose to work in a pattern that looks well balanced with the different bright and dark colors.  I believe the colors and flowers I chose helped to convey the look I bright summery I wanted.


I feel good about this piece. I believe the best part of the process for me was to wear this piece from when I made it at 830 am until our class at 130. I wore it on the bus, and around campus and in the art education building. What was helpful for me was to see how well the flowers held up while I wore it, and to see how comfortable it was. As you can see from the photos of when I first made this crown, the flowers were big and bright and bold. By the time we started class the flowers had wilted and started to lose their shape. This is helpful for me to know as normally I would hand off this crown to a bride and never see it again. It was a good reminder that the flower chose is super important, and that the use of flowers that hold up out of water is ideal. Also, I did find that the crown wasn’t too heavy, but that the bind wire was a bit scratchy on my head. I think it would be helpful to explore other options like floral tape to see if I can make it more comfortable so it could be worn all day. When brides are wearing this for their wedding day I am sure they would want it to be more comfortable. I will continue to make these, and I am happy to now know this practical knowledge. I think that this was my favorite assignment because it was so open and it gave me the opportunity to explore something that is important to me (and my business). I would happily do this assignment with my future art class.